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Exploring the Best: Three Interior Design Exhibitions in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Designers Saturday 2021

Exploring the best interior design fairs in the Nordic countries, including Norway, Sweden, and Finland, is an exciting endeavor for any design enthusiast. These fairs offer a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends in Scandinavian design, which is known for its minimalistic and functional style.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best interior design fairs held annually in these countries. From Oslo Design Fair to Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, we will explore what each exhibition has to offer and why they are must-visit events for anyone interested. So, let’s dive in!


  1. Oslo Design Fair This is the largest interior design fair in Norway, held annually in Oslo. It showcases the latest trends in furniture, lighting, textiles, and other interior design products. Dates for 2023: August 30 — September 1

  2. Designers Saturday This is a biennial event held in Oslo that showcases the work of Norwegian and international designers. It includes exhibitions, installations, and other events. Dates for 2023: September 8–10

  3. Oslo Open This is an annual event in Oslo where artists and designers open up their studios to the public. It is a great opportunity to meet and discover emerging talent in the Norwegian design scene Dates for 2023: April 22–23


  1. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair This fair is a must-visit for anyone interested in Scandinavian design. It takes place annually in Stockholm, and attracts exhibitors from Norway and other Nordic countries. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, are typically held in February and it is already passed for the year 2023, however it’s worth noting that dates for 2024 are already available for reference. Dates for 2024: February 6–10

  2. Formex This fair is the largest trade fair for Nordic interior design and takes place twice a year, in January and August, in Stockholm. Dates for 2023: August 22–25

  3. Hem, Villa & Bostadsrätt This fair is focused on home interiors and takes place in November in Stockholm. Dates for 2023: October 13–15


  1. Helsinki Design Week This fair is a city-wide festival celebrating design, creativity, and urban culture and takes place annually in September in Helsinki. Dates for 2023: September 8–17

  2. Sisusta This fair is focused on home interiors and takes place twice a year, in April and October, in Turku. At the moment the date available on the website are as follows. Dates for 2023: March 30–April 2

  3. Kädentaito This fair is focused on crafts and design and takes place in November, in Helsinki. Dates for 2023: November 17–19

The Nordic region is set to host some incredible exhibitions in 2023, and they are certainly a must-watch for anyone interested in art, culture, and design.

What makes these exhibitions even more noteworthy is the focus on sustainability and minimal design, which is a hallmark of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

With a commitment to environmental responsibility, the Nordic nations are leading the way in creating exhibitions that not only showcase exceptional art but also promote a more sustainable future.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to experience the best of Nordic art and design in 2023.



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