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Luciano Bellet: the artist behind the "Dripping by subtraction" technique

We are thrilled to announce a prestigious collaboration with the illustrious artist Luciano Bellet. Born in Pordenone in 1963, Bellet is universally recognized in the Italian and international contemporary artistic panorama. His artistic production masterfully juggles between diverse mediums, offering a refined reflection on the complex challenges of the modern era. 2008 marked a fundamental meeting in Bellet’s career, when the renowned professor of aesthetics and art critic Luciano Perissinotto crossed his path. This meeting had the effect of catalyzing a creative metamorphosis, shedding new light on his pre-existing artistic corpus.

Between 2010 and 2011, Luciano Bellet embarked on a revolutionary experimentation phase with his signature technique of “Dripping by Subtraction.” This innovative methodology revisited the art of spatial dripping, using synthetic materials intended to undergo partial subtraction through careful use of heat. The result is art that challenges convention and enchants the viewer with the effect of “spatial suspension.”

There could be no more suitable scenario for immersing yourself in the art of Luciano Bellet than the inauguration of the exhibition “E so via/And so on” at Villa Manin in Passariano di Codroipo. Curated with impeccable taste by Paolo Toffolutti, the exhibition offers a selection of fifty-six works that shine with Bellet’s extraordinary technical competence, and reflect his profound sensitivity towards art as physical performance.

Bellet’s creations, many of them crafted through his revolutionary “dripping by subtraction” technique, stand as three-dimensional paintings, authentic arabesques of paint applied with precision to canvases, after having been painstakingly dried on other surfaces. Furthermore, the exhibition hosts works conceived with insulation wool, shaped or melted with exquisite skill, giving life to what the artist calls “accumulations.” In this exhibition, Bellet’s creative mind masterfully exploits unusual materials to forge new shapes and give movement to the surfaces, creating suggestive effects of transparency. Despite the exuberance of the creations, the exhibition constitutes an exercise in subtle synthesis, characterized by the predominantly monochromatic use of black and white, both in color and in the techniques adopted. Here, the strength of Luciano Bellet’s art manifests itself through the vibrations of the surfaces and the power of the essential gestures.

It is with deep satisfaction that we undertake to represent the art of Luciano Bellet in China and Asia, places of choice for lovers of art and luxury. In 2024, we will participate with prestige in the most renowned furniture and interior design fairs in China and Hong Kong, thus introducing Bellet’s works to an international audience of connoisseurs. With this partnership, Dogado Agency continues to promote Italian artistic tradition and craftsmanship, with the aim of connecting the artist with art and luxury enthusiasts from around the globe. Luciano Bellet continues to challenge artistic traditions with boundless creativity, which is a source of great excitement for our agency. We invite lovers of art and luxury to take the opportunity to immerse themselves in the artistic universe of Bellet at Villa Manin and to follow us to stay informed about the prospects of 2024, a year that promises to be full of emotions in China and Hong Kong.



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