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Residential Building
New York   USA


by Mixlegno

A residential building with a 1920's charm made even more captivating by the gleam of copper.

The first working in Copper applied to an extruded product. The technical and aesthetic prestige of the Architectural Bronze is emphasized and enhanced by this unique finish.

The elements in Architectural Bronze are worked thanks to this particular finish realized through an innovative process studied from Mixlegno group and certificate in laboratory. This treatment allows to obtain a product that has never been thought and proposed before, a revolutionary production designed for an historically known and appreciated material.

Art and aesthetic research represent incredible paths of inspiration to create always different looks, which recall and enrich the style of the projects in which they are inserted. Doors and windows In Architectural Bronze designed and produced by Mixlegno group become design objects in which all the details are studied as elements of a unique concept of harmony and refinement.

  • Dogado Social Gold_transparent_画板 1
  • Dogado Social Gold_transparent_画板 1 副本
  • Dogado Social Gold_transparent_画板 1 副本 3
  • Dogado Social Gold_transparent_画板 1 副本 2
  • Dogado Social Gold Medium_画板 1
  • Dogado Social Gold_transparent_画板 1 副本 6
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